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  • Warm Oil Treatment

    Warm Oil Treatment

    Warm Oil Treatment

    60-90 mins (2300 / 3300)rs + Taxes

    Ban Sabai Wellness Spa is a well-known and reputed spa in Pune for providing the best service for warm oil treatment in flexible prices.
    Let your body clean and get relaxed by using warm oil. The various kinds of oils like almonds, neem oil, coconut, jojoba, ginger or olive are heated and used for relaxation and cleansing of your body by applying it to the body.

    How can warm oil help you to make your skin flawless and smooth?
    Due to warm herbs, the pores of the skin are opened and the essential oils from warm herbs are penetrating into the skin while massaging. It provides nourishment of the skin.
    With fresh, pure, safe, clean and hygienic essential oils, our skilled therapists massaged your body by using different techniques like kneading, deep stroke, or rolling are highly effective for the health of your mind and the body.

      The best 5 benefits of the warm oil treatment are actually good for health
    • » Warm oil helps to open pores of the skin and remove the dust
    • » It helps to release muscle tension and feel relaxed
    • » It helps improve freshness
    • » After warm oil treatment, a person gets relief from the negativity and makes him/her positive.
    • » Warm oil treatment also helps to enhance sleep and one should get rid of the insomnia.


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