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  • Ban Fusion Treatment

    Ban Fusion Treatment

    Ban Fusion Treatment

    75-120 mins (2500 / 4000)rs + Taxes

    For improvement of blood circulation and lymph drainage, massage your body with rhythmic and essential oils. Fusion Treatment is the best relaxation massage done with rhythmic movements.
    We Ban Sabai Wellness Spa from Pune provide best Ban Fusion Treatment for a complete 90 minutes relaxation massage.

    What different oils are used for ban fusion treatment? What are its uses?
    In Fusion treatment, we at ban sabai prepare you with dry treatment of 30 to 60 mins oil massage. The high quality of essential oils like almonds, ginger, jojoba, neem, olive, coconut and many more are used for fusion treatment.It helps to relax the body with calmness. Theses oils are beneficial to gain vitamins and other nutrition in your body.
    Our expert therapist helps you by using various techniques such as circular movements, rhythmic movements, rolling, kneading, deep or gentle stroke and pressure stimulation for improvement of energy and relaxation.
    The fusion treatment is a combination of traditional massage with ancient art. It consists of crystal healing. Crystals are placed on the body while massaging helps to gain positivity and refreshment. So it helps to improve your inner peace.

      5 Important benefits of Ban Fusion Treatment that help you to love your body
      The ban fusion treatment helps to
    • » Reduce stress, pain and muscle tension
    • » Improve blood circulation and lymph drainage
    • » Gain immune system of body
    • » Decrease the depression
    • » Relax and energized body with positivity


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