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  • Body Wrap Treatment

    Body Wrap Treatment

    Body Wrap Treatment

    30-60 mins ( 1500 / 3000 )rs + Taxes

    Wrapping your body with scrub material help you to hydrate your skin. Body wrap treatment is one of the important role in body scrup.
    Before scrubbing body, first body should wrap with our high quality scrub materials like coffee, salt or sugar. Then start to massage a body included back, shoulder, neck, legs, hand and stomach with gentle and smooth pressure. This whole process is called as Body Wrap Treatment. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and hydrates skin.

    The body wrap treatment is very important and beneficial role. There are a lot of benefits of body wrap treatment are mentioned below:
    » Helps to nourish and smoothen body skin
    » Moisturized body skin
    » Increased glow of body skin
    » Release muscle tension
    » Feel relax spiritually and physically


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