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  • Foot Reflexology

    Foot Reflexology

    Best Foot massage services in NIBM Road, Camp, Undri and Kondhwa

    1000/- rs + Taxes

    Ban sabai wellness spa is one of the best spas in the Pune to provide exclusive foot massage for relaxation of the whole body. According to the foot reflexology, our expert therapists use different techniques to feel customer more relaxed and calm. Now let your mind and body refreshed with our foot reflexology treatment. Thus, our spa become most popular wellness spa for offering the excellent Foot massage services in NIBM Road, Undri, Fatima Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar, Camp, and Kondhwa.

    Why would you choose foot massage for relaxation of the body?

    Foot reflexology is one of the best and popular foot massages. Each and every part or organ of the human body is connected to the foot through nerves. So pressure point application on reflex points of the foot provides relief to related organ and stimulates the blood circulations.

    Our skilled and well trained therapists can track all the reflex points of your foot, where the points are connected to the relevant organ of the body and with the help of pressure application on it, they help you to get feel relaxed.

    The foot reflexology technique is an ancient healing technique helps to release tension and improve blood circulation. With the help of the thumb, a pressure is applied to the reflex points of the foot.

    Don’t ignore the Benefits of Foot Reflexology that makes you feel relaxed

    • To get relief from stress, anxiety and tensions, foot reflexology is beneficial.
    • Foot reflexology also helps to reduce muscle pain, headache, and depression.
    • It helps to improve immune system, fertility, digestion and also refresh the mood.
    • Improvement of sleep quality


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