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  • Thai / Sports Treatment

    Thai / Sports Treatment

    Best Thai Spa in NIBM Road, Undri, Fatima Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar, Camp, and Kondhwa

    60-90 mins (1800 / 2700)rs + Taxes

    Gain flexibility in muscles with Thai massage. Our expert therapists use their hands, legs, thighs, elbows, thumbs, and knees for stretching and pulling body parts. It helps to release muscle tension and improve flexibility in muscles.

    Thai Massage is the best and very popular traditional massage type based on Ayurvedic principles. So it is also known as traditional yoga massage. Thai massage is highly recommended for athletes, so it also called as sports treatment.

    We Ban Sabai Wellness Spa provide the best Thai spa in NIBM Road with the best results and flexible prices. Our services for Thai spa treatments are also available in the areas of Undri, Fatima Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar, Camp, and Kondhwa.

    In Thai treatment, a person should lie with fully clothed on matters placed on the ground/floor instead of the bed. Our therapist uses techniques like stretching, pulling back, acupressure, rolling and rocking for Thai massage with effective results.

    Top 7 Benefits of Thai Treatment That You Can’t Avoid

    There are a lot of benefits of Thai Treatment such as:

    • Boosts energy of mind and body
    • Improvement of flexibility
    • Reduction of stress
    • Improvement of blood circulation
    • Lowered anxiety
    • Make body relaxed and comfortable
    • Release tension in muscles

    The important rules for thai treatment that you should follow

    • Wear loose and comfortable clothes while massaging
    • Never take a heavy meal before the massage
    • Inform therapist about your health history


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