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  • Aroma Treatment

    Aroma Treatment

    Aroma Treatment

    60-90 mins (2000 / 3000)rs + Taxes

    If you are getting disturbed due to stress, anxiety and depression, then you must try our aroma treatment for improving your health of body, mind and spirit. It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.
    We highly recommended aroma treatment to treat few conditions like insomnia, fatigue, depression, asthma, menstrual problems.

    Aroma Treatment- Essential Oils Treatment
    An aroma treatment is also called as Essential Oil Treatment, as an essential oils and aromatic materials are used for aroma treatment. We used essential oils are made with different flavors like ginger, clove, basil, bergamot, black paper, jasmine, paper-mint or tea tree help you to reduce stress and fatigue.

    How to use essential oils and how does it work?
    Our therapists use essential oils for aroma treatment with many methods, but they also take some precautions while using essential oils. Let’s see what our therapists take precautions while massaging by using essential oils.
    » They never apply essential oils directly on the skin.
    » Before applying oils on the skin, they added other materials such as lotions, shampoo, or toner.

    What are the benefits of aroma treatment?
    » Aroma treatment helps to reduce anxiety and stress
    » An essential oil used for aroma treatment helps to make your skin soft and smooth.
    » Aroma treatment is useful for nourishment of the skin

    Why would you choose Ban Sabai wellness spa for aroma treatment service?
    With high quality essential oils and aromatic materials, we Ban Sabai Wellness Spa from Pune, Maharashtra, India provide best Aroma Treatment with the best results.
    Our certified and expert aroma therapist consults you related stress and depression problems and helps you to get recover from problems like stress, fatigue or anxiety with aroma treatment. They used a variety of techniques for aroma treatment and make customers feel relaxed and comfortable.
    We used superior quality essential oils for aroma treatment which are providing for nourishment and softening of your skin.


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