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  • Deep Tissue Treatment

    Deep Tissue Treatment

    Deep Tissue Treatment in NIBM Road, Undri, Fatima Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar, Camp, and Kondhwa

    60-90 mins (2500 / 3500)rs + Taxes

    As per the name of the Deep Tissue Treatment, the inner layers of muscles and connective tissues that can be massaged with deep strokes and slow pressure. It helps to reduce muscle pain, ache, tension and injuries.

    For Deep Tissue Treatment, our therapist uses their fingers and palms for massaging body or pain-related area. They also use elbows and forearms for deep pressure, if required.

    Our expert therapist focuses on your pain-area and helps you to get relief from pain and injuries. You also feel relaxed and comfortable after massaging.

    Are you worried about muscle pain and sport-injuries?

    If you are suffering from muscle pain and injuries, then you should message your pain area by Deep Tissue Treatment.

    If you want to get recovered from muscle pain quickly, then choose our best Deep Tissue Treatment in NIBM road, Undri, Fatima Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar, Camp, and Kondhwa.

    What are the procedure and techniques of Deep Tissue Treatment?

    We provide best services with highly hygienic and best quality massage materials like oils, lotion . Let you know the stepwise procedure of deep tissue treatment.

    Procedure of Deep Tissue Treatment:
    1. Let inform the therapist about your problem area or painful area
    2. Our therapist will suggest you to lie on back or stomach, according your problem area.
    3. With the lighter and slow pressure, a therapist will warm your muscles, get it free/ relaxed and then prepare it for deep massage.
    4. Now therapist will start to massage your body or problem area with the help of the deep pressure and some techniques.

    Our expert therapist used techniques such as stripping and friction for deep tissue treatment. They focused on your body parts and problem areas such as muscle tightness, low or back pain, muscle stiffness, tennis elbows, sciatica etc.

    A stripping includes deep pressure on the body or problem areas with the help of elbows, forearms or thumbs.

    A friction includes pressure on area for releasing tissue fibers.

    Top 5 Benefits of Deep Tissue Treatments for your good health

    Deep Tissue Treatment is one of the best treatments, as it highly recommended for reducing chronic aches and sports-related injuries.

    • Injury rehabilitation
    • Reduced muscle tension
    • Relief from low-back pain
    • Prevent chronic pain
    • Recover sport related injuries


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