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  • Swedish Treatment

    Swedish Treatment

    Swedish Treatment

    60-90 mins (2200 / 3200)rs + Taxes

    Swedish Massage- A classic Massage
    Swedish treatment is one of the best and popular treatments. It is also known as classic massage.
    Our service for Swedish treatment is highly recommended for relaxation. It helps to release tighten muscles and feel customer relaxed and comfortable. Those who work on computer by sitting for long periods should go for Swedish treatment. It helps to release tension in muscles, lower/upper back, neck, hands, arms or shoulders.

    Get ready for the best Swedish treatment with our expert therapist
    In Swedish treatment, there are various techniques such as pressure point stimulation, kneading, circular movements, and Passive joint movements are used by our skilled therapists and provide you the best results with reasonable prices. They use different techniques for Swedish treatment as per customer’s requirements.
    If anyone wants to massage a particular area like neck or back with lighter or long pressure, then you can ask the therapist and our therapist will help you by providing the best treatment service as per your demand.

      Top 6 health benefits of Swedish treatment
    • » Release tighten muscles and tension
    • » Helps to raise blood circulation and the oxygen level in blood
    • » Improve flexibility of muscles
    • » Feel relaxed and comfortable
    • » Reduced fatigue
    • » Improvement of blood flow as well as lymph drainage


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