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  • Hot Stone Treatment

    Hot Stone Treatment

    Hot Stone Treatment

    60-90 mins (2700 / 4050)rs + Taxes

    In Hot stone treatment, our well trained therapist keeps warm or heated soft stones at specific points of your body to get relief from muscle tension and it also helps you to reduce the stress, anxiety and promote your sleep quality.
    Hot stones can be placed on the upper and lower back, neck, palms, chest, stomach, face, legs, feet, toes, or shoulders as per customer’s requirement.
    If the muscles of specific parts of the body get tensed, hot stone treatment is very beneficial to get relieve it.

    Why would you choose Ban Sabai Wellness Spa for hot stone treatment?
    We Ban Sabai Wellness Spa from Pune provide you the best services for Hot Stone treatment with the best results and the best prices.
    Our expert and skilled therapist applying hot stone treatment by using different massage techniques like kneading, pressure point stimulation, circular movements, or deep strokes.
    While hot stone treatment, they take care of each and every client to avoid hurting by hot or warm stones. We used clean, hygienic, smooth and flat stones for this treatment. Our therapists take sufficient time for hot stone treatment. Overall complete hot stone treatment is done within 90 minutes.

      The Main Benefits of Hot Stone Treatment:
      Hot stone treatment helps to
    • » Reduce tension in muscles
    • » Reduce pain
    • » Promote sleep quality
    • » Feel refreshed and calm


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