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  • Balinese Treatment

    Balinese Treatment

    Balinese Treatment

    ( 60MINS ) ₹ 2500.00 + taxes

    By using a variety of techniques, our therapists massaged your full body from scalp to foot. Balinese treatment is the best treatment for full body massage with a variety of techniques.
    As per the name of Balinese massage, this massage was invented in a worldwide popular destination known as Bali, Indonesia. It is a traditional massage type.

    What different techniques are used by our therapist?
    Our skilled and well trained therapists use various kinds of techniques like relaxing strokes, gentle stretches; pressure-point stimulations, skin rolling, and kneading for Balinese treatment. These all techniques help you to improve your blood circulation and stimulate oxygen and energy.
    We used different types of vegetable oils as well as essential oils are used for Balinese treatment for making more impactful and effective treatment.

      You haven’t seen these benefits of Balinese treatment
      In Balinese treatment, our therapists, massage your full body with various kinds of oils helps your skin to inhale or absorb oil molecules which helps you to:
    • » Nourish and softened your skin.
    • » Soothes your body and mind.
    • » Feel relaxed, calm and energized.
    • » Reduce body pain.
    • » Enhance health of the body and mind physically and emotionally too.


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