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  • Warm Herb Prakop Treatment

    Warm Herb Prakop Treatment

    Warm Herb Prakop Treatment

    30-60 mins (1500 / 2200)rs + Taxes

    Our skilled and well trained therapist massaged your body with hot pouches which are filled with warm herbs and helps you to energize your body and mind with effective warm herb prakhop treatment. These warm herbs can be basil, ginger, turmeric, grass, orange peel, lemon grass or shikakai. Some fragrant herbs are used for calm and relaxation of the body. It gets your body and mind relaxed and energized.
    For warm herbs, we used camphor or menthols helps to release muscle tension. If anybody suffering from chronic or back pain, then warm herb prakhop treatment is very beneficial to reduce pain. Warm herb helps to stimulate blood circulation and loose muscles.
    Due to warm herbs, the pores of the skin are opened and the essential oils from warm herbs are penetrating into the skin while massaging.

    Why Ban Sabai Prakhop?
    We Ban Sabai Wellness Spa from Pune, Maharashtra, India provide best warm herb prakhop treatment with the best results and flexible prices.
    We used natural and fresh herbs for prakhop treatment. Our expert therapist takes care of each and every customer during massage that nobody can get hurt by heat/warmness. They used various kinds of techniques with high benefits. They take sufficient time for massaging and provide the best result.

    » Beneficial for relaxation of the body
    » Ingredients in oils provide proper nutritions to the skin
    » Improvement of blood circulations
    » Loose tighten muscles
    » Release muscle tension
    » Reduced chronic ache


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